Title        : Miracles Happen

After being filled with joy and happiness of the news of becoming a father, we woke up one day to a most horrific site. My wife’s pyjamas had been soaked in blood and she was in miserable pain. Holding tears behind our eyes we rushed to the doctor in the wee hours of the morning to hear the bad news. The baby will not survive.

After taking in this information as painfully as you can imagine, we asked the doctor is there any hope. The doctor said and I quote “If you are hoping for a miracle, 1% is all I give you.”

To the doctors surprise we were quite enthusiastic about the 1% chance. We believed that our Guru will never leave our hand in this time of great test. After which my wife was admitted to the hospital and was given 48 hours of complete bed rest after which a follow up examination was to be done.

Immediately healings started. They were probably the two most difficult days of my life. However not for a second in the two days either of us complained or grieved as to why this happened to us.

Like always we were just thankful to our Guru for whatever he has given us in life.

Then the time came for an ultra sound check up after two days. The doctor said and I quote yet again “Mrs. Jain, I have seen some miracles in life and this has to be on the top of them”. The medical situation was almost normal. Till then we had never experienced tears of happiness in their true sense. 

A special thank you here for the healers who did the healings and all the pranic healers who blessed us with miraculous recovery and blessings.

Today with GMCKS blessings and techniques of Pranic Healing we are happy parents of our 5 month old son. We sincerely hope that each and every person in this world has a Pranic Healer in their family so that we can live a life filled with joy, love, blessings and divinity.


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